Green Card Sponsorship for H1B Visa Candidates

Permanent residents or green card holders are non-US citizens who have been authorized by USCIS to live and work permanently in the United States of America. Usually, people receive the green card either on the basis of family or employment(H1B Visa). Besides these two ways, green card is also issued under political asylum, refugee, adoption and diversity lottery.

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Receiving an employment-based green card has many advantages. But, in order to get Green card, numerous steps need to be followed.

For employment category, the sponsoring employer need to file a labor certification with the DOL (Department of Labor). The labor certification from DOL is meant for certifying that no qualified US worker is available or agreeing to do the job.

In order to prove this situation, the Sponsor Company or employer need to show advertisement for the mentioned position, required skills for the job, confirmation of the prevailing wage for the job position and the sponsoring company or employer's ability to pay.

After getting certification from DOL, the sponsor company must submit the petition for an alien worker using Form I-140. In case the priority date is current, then Form I-140 can be filed along with Form I-485, Adjustment of Status.

Department of State must issue an immigrant visa number to the employee/applicant. It is only issued when the priority date is current. Before continuing to the next step, the employee/applicant must wait till the priority date is current.

After the priority date is current, the candidate has two options.

  • In case, the candidate is already in the U.S.A, he/she can petition for adjustment of status.
  • In case, the candidate is outside the U.S.A, he/she can go for consular processing.

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